It started with the Thai-German Technical School...

Thai-German Technical SchoolOn the right side you see the "Thai-German Technical School" in Northern Bangkok in former time. It was established in 1959 as the first milestone of the Thai-German Technical Cooperation.

More than 200 projects have been implemented since then. The cooperation covers all areas striving for sustainable development through capacity development and change processes. See further information on the cooperation in the following media:

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Themes & Projects

Agriculture   Economic   Education   Energy   Environment   Governance   Health   Infrastructure   Rural

Environmental & Climate Protection

Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainable Urban Development

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Agriculture & Food Security

Trilateral & South-South Cooperation

Other Services

Aside from the usual project-based technical cooperation between Goverments, German International Cooperation (GIZ) also implements other ways and instruments of technical cooperation:

Thai-German Technical Cooperation

Thailand is a partner country of German Development Cooperation since 1956. More than 200 projects have been jointly implemented to meet Thailand’s development goals. Cooperation covers many areas, with commitment and participation from hundreds of public and private institutions working to create sustainable development through eective change processes and capacity developmen.

Today the cooperation also covers regional cooperation within the ASEAN integration process. In addtion, Thailand is also engaged as a donor in development cooperation within the Thai-German Development Cooperation Partnership Programme. [ more ]