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We are thrilled to start the year with updated project activities and insightful articles.

In the spotlight is the celebration of 160 years of Thai-German relations (#160TG) throughout this year. Let’s celebrate the partnership of trade, education, culture, technology and environment from the past journey of cooperation to ongoing efforts and beyond. We will continue to strengthen German diplomatic relations with Thailand and at the same time, we will look for new opportunities to look beyond the current exchanges and raise the level of cooperation to benefit nature, society and people.

As always, we offer a few highlights from the projects including driving the financial mechanism to tackle climate change in Thailand, the launch of the Green Cooling Initiative project also in Thailand, moving towards skill development for the cooling sector, supporting the Half-Half co-payment scheme to provide farmers and agripreneurs with financial support for climate-smart rice farming and much more. Please browse and enjoy reading!

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ASEAN Access MATCH, SME information and business matching portal launched

The ASEAN Access MATCH is a new feature which connects trade both in ASEAN and around the world, leading to an increase in employment rates and the competitiveness of ASEAN in the global market.
It allows businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with buyers and suppliers in ASEAN and beyond, at the click of a button through

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Germany hands over ultra-cold temperature freezers to boost Thailand’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout
GIZ Thailand has handed over ultra-cold temperature freezers for COVID-19 vaccine storage and other equipment to Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health.
The four ultra-cold temperature freezers and 51,000 sets of low dead-space syringes and needles were handed over at the Department of Disease Control.
This will enable health authorities to boost the vaccination rollout among vulnerable groups as well as populations at risk in the border area.
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MRV Knowledge Transfer Tools for Thai Rice Sector

GIZ collaborated with the Rice Department and the International Rice Research Institute to launch a handbook to develop the skills for fulfilling the “Measurement, Reporting and Verification” (MRV) system.
This MRV handbook serves as a tool for measuring and calculating GHG emissions in the rice sector for rice researchers, agricultural extension officers, local farmers as well as general people.
It enhances transparency and credibility in reporting GHG emission reduction while translating complex technical knowledge into a user-friendly format.
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Coffee+ Thailand goes online to improve capacity building and knowledge sharing
The Farmer Business School (FBS) online workshop session was organised to enhance knowledge and skills in agripreneurship and farm management of robusta coffee smallholders in Krabi and Surat Thani.
FBS online and on-site training sessions will be conducted in the future so that the young farmers will be able to acquire knowledge and skills essential for continuing their families’ agricultural farming practices in the long run.

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Thai Rice NAMA introduces the Half-Half co-payment scheme to provide farmers and agripreneurs with financial support for climate-smart rice farming
The co-payment scheme is applicable to both farmers and agricultural service providers in six provinces in the Central Plains until November 2022.
The aim is to transform the rice sector into low-emission production with 100,000 farmer households expected to benefit from the project.

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Scaling up innovative, inclusive insurance in agricultural value chains to build climate resilience in ASEAN
Agricultural and financial experts and representatives from public and private sectors discussed the finance, innovations and technology, particularly in insurance.
Regional workshops are aimed at creating awareness and capacity building through sharing lessons learned, best practices and innovative solutions.
GIZ has cooperated with the ASEAN Secretariat in developing the Guidelines on Agricultural Insurance Implementation. It will be proposed to the ASEAN Agriculture Working Group on Crops for approval by mid-2022.
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Climate change adaptation mainstreaming into Thailand’s water sector is on the go!
The Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) and the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) have agreed to issue a joint policy brief outlining recommendations on the integration of climate change adaptation into Thailand’s water management.
The ONWR intends to incorporate recommendations set forth in this policy brief in the revision of the 20-year Water Resources Management Master Plan to strengthen climate resilience of Thailand’s water sector.

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Advancing ecosystem-based adaptation strategies in the Thai Water Sector
Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in the form of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) can be a cost-effective measure to help people adapt to climate change while restoring nature and its ecosystems.
A “Capacity Development Programme” is promoting knowledge on NbS and EbA to move towards more climate-resilient water management in the Thai water sector.
In Phase 2 of the programme, key stakeholders and local actors learned about the NbS, EbA and Green Infrastructure as well as the Climate Risk Vulnerability Assessments (CRVA) as strategies for building climate resilience in watersheds.
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Barrier Analysis and Strategies for Ecolabels and Sustainable Public Procurement published
GIZ and the Öko-Institute e.V jointly launched the document, identifying twelve common barriers in implementing ecolabels and Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP).
The document also recommends possible strategies for successfully implementing ecolabels and SPP.

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Strengthening ASEAN’s training programme on professional skills and digital competences
In response to digitalisation and industry 4.0, RECOTVET programme along with its partners and stakeholders agreed to redesign the Regional In-Service Training Programme.
Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) professionals and multipliers in ASEAN and TVET experts in Germany discussed regional demands for competencies in the digital era.
The outcomes of the discussions will be used to create digital multimedia and formulate the redesign of the training programme on
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Project Coordinator of Green Cooling Initiative for Thailand and Asia and Energy Efficiency in the Industry Component of Thai-German Cooperation on Energy, Mobility and Climate (TGC-EMC)
Technical Advisors of The H2-Uppp Project (2 positions)
Project Advisor of Thai-German Climate Programme, Energy Project (TGCP-Energy) and Thai-German Cooperation on Energy, Mobility and Climate (TGC-EMC)
Financial Specialist of Energy projects
Project Assistant of the Mainstreaming Sustainable Rice through the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) project
Office Manager of Reducing plastic waste and marine litter in East and South East Asia – Supporting a transition to a circular economy in the region project
Project Advisor Regional of the Programme “Clean, Affordable, and Secure Energy for Southeast Asia”
Project Assistant of Collaborative Actions for Single-Use Plastic Prevention in South-East Asia (CAP SEA) project
Office Assistant of GIZ Office Thailand
SRP Market Development Officer of the Mainstreaming Sustainable Rice through the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) project
Programme Management Officer - Aligned Programmes and coordination with partners of the programme “Clean, Affordable, and Secure Energy for Southeast Asia” or CASE

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