It started with the Thai-German Technical School...

On the right side you see the "Thai-German Technical School" in Northern Bangkok in former time. It was established in 1959 as the first milestone of the Thai-German Technical Cooperation.

More than 300 projects have been implemented since then. The cooperation covers all areas striving for sustainable development through capacity development and change processes.


From the early effort in the field of vocational education, infrastructure, health and rural development, the cooperation later focused on energy, environment and sustainable economic development.

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60 Years: Thai- German Partnership for Sustainable Development
  1. 1956-1969
  2. 1970-1979
  3. 1980-1989
  4. 1990-1999
  5. 2000-2009
  6. 2010-present
  • Exhibition
  1. Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP)
  • Exhibition – Pillars
  1. Economy
  2. Environment
  3. Society
  4. Culture
  • Exhibition – Sustainable city                  
  1. School                                              
  2. Street and Vehicle                                         
  3. Light Bulb                                                    
  4. Factory                                          
  5. Market           
  6. Forest, River and Ocean                                         
  7. Hospital                                                  
  8. Farm and Community
  9. Bank                                                           
  10. Trash Bin, Drainage and Smog       
  11. City Hall                                                 
  12. People
  • Games
  1. Amazing cubic
  2. Circle SDGs
  3. Pair'em up
  4. Steps to Sustainability

55 Years: Thai-German Technical Cooperation

Topics & Highlight Projects List

“From a ‘Step-Child’ to the forerunner”
Thai-German technical cooperation started lately in the field of environment, but still was one of the first German contributions worldwide to combat industrial pollution. ... More