Marine Fisheries Laboratory

Project duration: 1962 – 1971

Project description:

This Thai-German technical cooperation project consisted of two components: First the promotion of the fishing industry in Thailand by the introduction of the trawling method and its dissemination by training courses provided to local fishermen. A significant increase in the amount of caught fish improved the income situation of the fishermen as well meant a viable source of foreign currency (export!) for Thailand. Furthermore the increased amount of fish caught and the generally expanding fisheries sector created further jobs in related industrial branches, e.g. ice and fishmeal production, fabrication of nets and duck farming.

As a second component the project included the establishment and development of the Marine Fisheries Laboratory located directly at the largest fish market of the country (in Bangkok) and its three branches (Ban Pae, Songkhla, Phuket) as central institutions for fisheries research in Thailand. Recording of the fish population according to species, research on the biology of fish and other marine creatures and experiments concerning the artificial rearing of fish and shrimps were among the activities performed here.