Eco-Industrial Estate Development (DEE+Net)

Project duration: October 2001 – June 2004

Project description:

IEAT and GTZ implemented the “DEE+ Net Project” (Development of Eco-Industrial Estates and Networks) to introduce eco-industrial principles into Thai industrial and environmental policies and regulations to upgrade industrial production. Generally the project followed a multi-sectoral approach with its activities focussing on three areas: (1) development of the policy framework according to eco-industrial principles, (2) institutional capacity development for eco-industrial estates managements and (3) implementation of pilot initiatives in selected industrial estates.

The project’s objective was to enable industrial estate developers, estate operators and enterprises in 5 selected out of the country’s 29  industrial estates – Map Tha Phut, Bang Poo, Northern Region Industrial Estate, Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Amata Nakhon Industrial Estate – to apply the eco-industrial development approach for developing their businesses. The conducting of studies, training events and the development of concepts, training material and website contents were among the project’s activities.

The formation of Eco-Forums in three Industrial Estates, the reduced number of complaints by residents and the integration of the principles of eco-industrial development into the Industrial Development Plan of the Ministry of Industry and the national Economic and Social Development Plan have to be mentioned as major successes of the DEE+Net Project.