Thai-German Dangerous Goods Project (TG-DGP)

Project duration: February 1998 – April 2004

Project description:

The initial purpose of the Thai-German Dangerous Goods Project (TG-DGP) was to support Thai authorities in developing a disaster management system, which permitted a save and controlled transport of dangerous goods. The recommendations of safety regulations made by the project were verified by the Thai Cabinet as Thai Provisions Volume I & II (part III was still worked on at the end of the project), leading to a reduction of incidences in connection with hazardous substances (especially accidents) by 5-10% from 12/1998 – 12/2003.

Furthermore, the project was active in the development and installation of the national information system for hazardous goods (Thai-FRID = Thai First Response Information Database), the organization of training events, study tours and the creation of manuals, pictograms and other material for distribution.

Later the project also included issues of safe storage and handling of dangerous goods (not only during transport) which were pursued in the project components “Hazardous Material Handling, Storage and Transportation System for Bangpoo Industrial Estate” and “Safety Management Planning Project for Dangerous Substances”
The project promised to have positive impacts on the whole Southeast Asian region: The Department of Land Transport has – with the support of the DTEC – has already conducted training seminars on the safe transport of dangerous goods in Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam; therewith Thailand is taking a pioneering role in the creation of an adequate safety culture in the Southeast Asian region.