Thai-German Biogas Programme (TG-BP)

Project duration: September 1990 – December 1994

Project description:

The Thai-German Biogas Programmes promoted the utilization of biogas for small-scale agro-industries and medium-sized pig farms in five provinces of Northern Thailand. It aimed at the improvement of the environmental situation and increase of the living standard in rural regions.

To this end several hundred small biogas plants were erected and information and training seminars for biogas users in rural regions were conducted. Furthermore the project engaged in HRD with the two partner organizations – Department of Agricultural Extension and the Biogas Advisory Unit (BAU) at Chiang Mai University – as well as Public Relations to promote the biogas technology in the Thai public.

As a result public awareness towards biogas technology increased significantly. Gradually, a positive attitude towards the technology developed in the Thai public and the inquiries for the construction of plants made by decision makers increased.

Activities were carried on in the NEPO-Program of the Royal Thai Government: BAU at Chiang Mai University, with a grant supported by the Royal Thai Government under the National Energy Policy Office (NEPO), launched the National Biogas Dissemination Program for medium and large scale livestock farms in October 1995.