Masterplan of Small Hydropower Development, Thailand

Project duration: April 1990 – June 1992

Project description:

From 1990 to 1992 Thai-German Technical Cooperation provided assistance to the Department of Energy Affairs in developing a comprehensive masterplan for small scale hydropower development in the Kingdom of Thailand.
To this end, the project supported the carrying out of 68 feasibility studies through which possible future sites for small hydro-power stations were explored. Activities in this realm included the analysis of existing reports, visits of sites, verification of basic geological data and coordinating relevant authorities.

Furthermore, the project supported the Department of Energy Affairs in implementing modern methods of project planning and monitoring: The introduction and further development of the computer programme EMINI enabled the department’s staff to compare possible sites for small hydropower stations with regards to technical and economic aspects and set priorities for implementation and construction work.
Counterpart training – both in Germany and on-the-job – with regards to field survey, teamwork project planning and the usage of EMINI complemented the other services provided by the project.