Thai-German Underground Water Supply Promotion Project (UWP)

Project duration: April 1976 – February 1982

Project description:

The importance of adequate water supply for domestic use, livestock and crops is generally recognized. However, water resources are often limited and so are the funds to exploit them. In order to improve access to clean potable water for drinking and domestic use, already the Thai-German Agricultural Development Project in Saraburi Land Settlement (1967-1975) had recommended the development of water supply systems as part of the project, since it regarded it as necessary in order to achieve the economic and social conditions of the settlers. After the project was phased out the water supply component – which was highly popular among the settlers – should further be pursued in context of an individual project: the Thai-German Underground Water Supply Promotion Project’s objective was to provide and improve the supply of clean, potable water for households and livestock in Thailand and thereby contribute to an improvement of the living conditions of the rural population. To this end 158 shaft wells and 35 tube wells were dug in 16 settlements in different regions of the country.