Thai-German Land Settlement Promotion Project (TG-LPP)

Project duration: September 1974 – December 1991

Project description:

This 17-year project: Thai-German Land Settlement Promotion Project (TG-LPP) sought to improve the living conditions of Thai settlers. It was a further development of the Thai-German Agricultural Development Project - Saraburi. In the beginning, the programme which then had primarily focused on agricultural issues had included 13 settlements. From 1978 on the concept of promotion became more comprehensive while the number of promoted settlement was reduced to three, of which two – Lam Dom Noi and Khuan Phumipol – remained in the programme until its end in 1992 (more than 7,000 families).

The TG-LPP provided services in the numerous fields focusing both on the training and promotion of the local counterpart, the Department of Public Welfare (DPW), as well as grassroots-services and initiatives from which the settlers should profit directly. The latter included the promotion of plant production (fruit trees, field crops, etc.), animal husbandry and sustainable forestry as well as the founding of income-generating self-help groups and an agricultural credit supply.