Thai-German Agricultural Development Project - Lamtakhong (TG-ADP - Lamtakhong)

Project duration: December 1972 - March 1976

Project description:

The Thai-German Agricultural Development Project was active in the Lamtakhong Settlement from 1972 to 1976. Its services included the establishment of an agricultural extension service and an agricultural cooperative society. Due to these activities and a variety of other measures – including crop diversification, farm credits at low interest rates, improvement of the local health service – the economic and living conditions of the farmers could be significantly improved. Furthermore a strong sense of self-help and mutual loyalty developed among the settlers due to the project’s activities. The area developed so favorably that from 1974 onwards settlers who had moved away in the past returned and new settlers came in to settle on formerly unoccupied land.

The fruitful cooperation with the local counterpart, the Department of Public Welfare, as well as the close contact to the settlers, continuous exchange and a flexibility in implementation contributed to the project’s success.

In 1975 activities were extended to 7 new settlements: Kiu Lom, Thungphotalay, Lampao, Prasat, Klongnamsai, Rayong and Takfa. Finally, building on the success of the project’s conceptualization the TG-Land Settlement Promotion Project was initiated.