Appropriate Regulatory Measures and Policy Reform for Pesticide Risk Reduction

Project duration: January 1997 - June 2003

Project description:
In Thailand, widespread overuse of highly toxic pesticides had led to residues in agricultural products, pest resistance and rapid reappearance of pest species, health risks for users/farmers and consumers as well as an increasing threat to soil and water. Several projects of Thai-German technical cooperation in the past had already tackled those problems on grassroots level (e.g. Integrated Pest Management in Selected Fruit Trees Project), while the project “Appropriate Regulatory Measures and Policy Reform for Pesticide Risk Reduction” aimed at developing appropriate regulatory measures for Pesticide Risk Reduction on a legislative level. The Master Plan on Pesticide Policy developed in the course of the project was adopted by the Thai cabinet in April 2002 promissing a reduction of the usage of highly toxic pesticides. Therewith pesticide import, formulation and registration in Thailand were brought up to international standards.