Integrated Pest Management in Selected Fruit Trees

Project duration: November 1989 - June 1997

Project description:

Building on experiences during the Thai-German Plant Protection Programme (TG-PPP), the project “Integrated Pest Management in Selected Fruit Trees” aimed at a reduction of the usage of pesticides in fruit cultivation. Because of the diversity of fruit-cultivation in Thailand the project concentrated on pomelo, tangerine, durian and mango which all were characterized by their high economic value as well as by excessive pesticide use in their cultivation. The project areas were located in east, central and north Thailand (Rayong, Loei, Phathumthani, Chaing Rai). Apart from the development of methods for integrated plant protection a participative advisory approach was developed and implemented, which resulted in an effective dissemination of the results to the fruit farmers on the ground. The activities were continued and expanded in the Thai “IPM Village Project”, after the German funding had come to an end.