Advisory Services to the Royal Irrigation Department

Project duration: September 1982 - July 1989

Project description:

The project: “Advisory Services to the Royal Irrigation Department” aimed at assisting the process of re-orientation in the Thai irrigation sector needed to meet the challenges of developments within the country itself and the world market.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the Royal Irrigation Department (RID)’s planning capacity an irrigation engineer and an agrarian economist were dispatched as long-term experts supporting the RID’s planning department concerning the identification, preparation and planning of new irrigation projects. Furthermore the support was provided to the newly founded RID’s training department and a computer-based O&M Management Information System was introduced. During the last phase of the project (1987-1989) the two experts focused on providing assistance to the “Irrigation Improvement Commission” (IIC) with regards to the planning of activities of the Thai “Irrigation Improvement Programme”.