Thai-German Animal Health Project (TG-AHP)

Project duration: October 1978 - December 1992

Project description:

During its 14 years of duration the project succeeded in establishing, equipping and developing the “Northeast Regional Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Centre (NERVRDC)” in Tha Phra, Khon Kaen Province, which started to research on economically important diseases that occur with buffaloes, cattle and poultry. Additionally a Basic Animal Health Service (BAHS) was established in 7 of the 17 provinces in Northeast Thailand (Surin, Mahakarasan, Bureeram, Chayaphum, Khon Kaen, Loie, Sakon Nakon). Therewith the project has significantly contributed to a decrease of animal diseases and therewith an increase of animal production. The principle of self-help featured especially prominent in the project approach: small farmers were enabled to conduct the measures necessary for keeping their animal stock healthy independently. Additionally the establishment of institutions at the Department of Livestock Development – the local counterpart – as well as capacity building and training of local personnel were conducted in order to ensure the continuation of activities and therewith the sustainability of the project.