Family Planning through the Provision of Basic Medical Services

Project duration: November 1980 - December 1985

Project description:

The pilot project “Family Planning through the Provision of Basic Medical Services” aimed at supporting the Thai Population and Community Development Association (PDA) in promoting family planning measures in the rural regions of Thailand. To this end financial grants were made, which supported the PDA in conducting its activities; furthermore the project introduced the idea of combining basic medical services with activities and measures on promoting family planning into the PDA’s concept. In the selected ten pilot districts in the North and Northeast of Thailand, two mobile clinical units (consisting of a doctor and a nurse) were established. These medical units visited remote villages and they conducted not only family planning activities, but also offered treatment of diseases and medical advisory services to the local population. This approach resulted in a high degree of satisfaction with the programme (almost 100 %) among target groups members, since it convenient and suited rural women’s needs.