Energy Efficiency in Medium-Sized Enterprises

Project duration: 2009 - 2013

Project description: 

The project conducted capacity building activities to improve consulting and training services for selected industrial sectors which are emission-intensive. Activities were based on the EU guidelines and concepts of "Integrated Prevention and Control of Pollution" (IPPC) and "Best Available Techniques/Technology" (BAT). It focused on 5 selected pilot sectors: 

  • Glass manufacturing: container, tableware
  • Ferrous metal casting
  • Non-ferrous casting aluminium
  • Textil: dyeing and finishing
  • Canned food: vegetable and tuna

It developed sector guidelines on improvement of energy, environment, and safety aspects, and conduct capacity building measures (trainings and consulting services) for specific target groups. An information center and network on energy and environment for SMEs was established to create synergies with other initiatives. For reason of optimization, an integrated permitting process and inspection was introduced.