Promotion of the Training Print Shop at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU)

Project duration: September 1991 - June 1995

Project description:

The National Printing Technology Training Center (NPTTC) was established – in accordance with the Co-operation Project between the Thai Government and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany – for the development of personnel and resource persons in the field of printing technology in Thailand. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany provided assistance in the areas of machinery, equipment, technology, printing technology, training costs, personnel development, including sending German experts to act as consultants giving advice and training personnel from the training center through the German Agency for Technical Cooperation. 
The building housing the NPTTC was opened on the 21st of December 1994 and training programs commenced in 1995. 
The establishment of training programmes for technicians and skilled workers at the National Printing Technology Training Center (NPTTC) as well as a Bachelor of Science Programme (“Printing Engineer”) offered in cooperation with STOU – School of Science and Technology should contribute to overcome the lack of qualified personnel in the Thai printing and graphics industry.
Due to several problems during project implementation (compare obstacles section), however, the originally envisaged duration of the project of 6 to 10 years was shortened to just under 4 years.