Thai-German Technical Teacher College

Project duration: 1969 - 1985

Project description:

The project on the Thai-German Technical Teacher College constituted one of several endeavors of Thai-German Technical Cooperation in fostering vocational education at the KMIT. It aimed at making a contribution to overcoming the lack of qualified teaching personnel in the field of technical subjects. To this end the necessary buildings and workshops were constructed, curricula were developed and training courses established. Especially the introduction of new pedagogic concepts, e.g. “Micro-Teaching”, to prepare the young people for their future work as teachers is worth noticing.
In 1969 the first two classes were opened under very difficult conditions using the limited facilities of the former project (Thai-German Technical School, PN 1958.2023.8). The first stage of construction of a 6-storey lecture building and a 3-storey lab/shop building was completed by the end of 1973. The Thai-German Technical Teacher College became the “Faculty of Science and Technical Education” by a legal act from 28.4.1971.