Environment Advisory for Industry Project

Project duration: September 1987 – July 2003

Project description:

The “Environment Advisory for Industry Project” was one of the first projects of German technical cooperation worldwide which concentrated on combating and controlling industrial pollution. The project was conducted in five phases: During the first phase (1987-1991) the focus lay on the promotion of concepts for waste management based on the principles of avoidance and recycling (especially in the agro-industry), while during the second (1991-1994) and third phase (1994-1994) the advancement and fostering of clean production came to the fore. This was supported by the development of Environmental Management Guidelines as well as by the demonstration of environmentally sound production technologies for selected industrial branches. In order to promote eco-friendly behavior of the industry during the fourth (1997-2001) and fifth (2001-2003) phase market-based instruments were introduced into the prevailing environment policy and an exemplary system for data collection and analysis concerning hazardous waste was established in the province of Samut Prakarn. The project’s activities led to a significant reduction of water consumption and environmental pollution the selected industrial branches [for the exact numbers please compare the impact section] and have prompted a change of attitude in Thai environmental policy which was moving from a “command-and-control” approach combating blatant environmental pollution towards precautionary environmental management.