Thai-German Dairy Project

Project duration: 1965 - 1977

Project description: 

The major aim of this project: Thai-German Dairy Project or Thai-German Livestock and Farming Project Chiang Mai which started in 1965 was the development of dairy and meat production through planned measures in the fields of animal breeding, feeding and fodder growing, as well as the processing of milk and meat. During the earlier stages (1965-1970) the project dealt mainly with fodder production, animal nutrition, animal husbandry and crossbreeding. Furthermore the processing of dairy and meat products was initiated. 
During the years 1970 to 1973 German staff gradually withdrew from station activities, handing over the responsibility to their Thai counterparts. During the last phase (1973-1977) the project’s efforts and activities concentrated on establishing and promoting a general agricultural extension service for the region’s farmers in order to increase milk and meat production by transferring the research findings of earlier stages to a broad audience. 
The project accomplished its goal of increasing dairy and meat production in the region: According to a newspaper article published in the Bangkok Post, in 1969 the production of milk, butter and cheeses was well under way and in 1974 the farm produced and marketed beef, pork, chicken and various sausages of excellent quality and at prices below those of imported goods.