New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia (Nexus SEA)

Climate change and the global transformation of the energy system present a challenge for our generation. Constant efforts have been made in the past to tackle the problem and this has already resulted in the increased adoption of smart energy technologies. Renewable energy, energy efficient technologies and its hardware prices have, as a result, decreased dramatically, and prices are now close to being competitive with fossil fuels. 
Today, the new challenge for smart energy solutions is no longer the availability of hardware and its cost, but rather the lack of innovative software and business models that are needed to speed up deployment.  We believe that the digital space and its entrepreneurs are the key disruptor that will bring about rapid new developments to the energy sector. 
New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia (Nexus SEA) works to achieve this by supporting entrepreneurs who are powering the thousands of businesses, technologies, and innovations needed to open up the economic and social opportunities of a clean energy future. While Southeast Asia is home to several startup incubators and accelerators, Nexus SEA is the first full-spectrum programme dedicated specifically to smart energy software and business development.
Nexus SEA will invest in and connect startup accelerators throughout the region to facilitate the creation of new and innovative smart energy solutions that will build Southeast Asia’s clean energy economy, and speed up the market introduction of these startups in their countries and across the region.
Nexus SEA will catalyse energy entrepreneurs by providing business, technology, and financial support to new ideas and young enterprises. Nexus SEA uses the strong network and experience of its partners GIZ and The California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF) as well as the partnering incubators, accelerators and venture capitalists in the region to help build an ecosystem conducive to promoting clean energy entrepreneurs in the region. Nexus SEA will provide fertile ground for scalable smart energy software and business solutions and the formation of startups to bring these solutions to the market. The startups will entail disruption potential and regional ownership to enable the energy transition in Southeast Asia.
GIZ is kick-funding this strategic initiative and seeks to provide an opportunity to like-minded organisations to become funding partners and grow the initiative further.

What is New Energy Nexus? 
New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia is a smart energy startup support initiative jointly established by CalCEF and GIZ in 2017. By bringing ideas, startups, implementation partners and funders to a single region-wide platform, New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia is on a mission to facilitate the creation of a smart energy ecosystem that will, in turn, enable the creation of scalable smart energy startups set to transform the energy system in Southeast Asia for a resilient and sustainable economy. 
Why Software?
Software solutions are important as the energy sector is increasingly relying on sensors and meters in their solutions. This creates and requires large amounts of data and so software solutions make the data actionable. Furthermore, the increase of data in the energy sector will reduce system cost, open new applications, business models and customer segments.
The most pressing barriers can be addressed through innovative outreach to customers, mobile payment solutions, blockchain for transmission and distribution verification, smart grids and vehicle-to-grid technologies.
Approach and activities
• Identify talent and partners
• Connect teams 
• Spark ideas through creative events such as Hackathons 
• Develop programmes
• Capacity building of accelerators 
• Nurture successful teams through our Incubation Programme
• Incorporate startups 
• Venture capital funding for startups 
• Stronger clean-tech ecosystem
• More investable clean-tech businesses  
The regional accelerators are the centerpiece in Nexus SEA, as they will deliver the acceleration programme to the startups. Facilitators will be GIZ, CalCEF, regional incubators and accelerators, universities, chamber networks, The Private Financing Advisory Network-Asia (PFAN-ASIA), national science and technology institutes and venture and capital groups. The financiers for the project are GIZ Thailand and the Lucile Packard Foundation.  
Duration: September 2016 – August 2018 
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