Promoting Business Development Services and Networks for SMEs (BDSN)

Project duration: January 2001 – March 2005

Project description:

The project “Promoting Business Development Services and Networks for SMEs” aimed at facilitating access to adequate information and consultancy services for SME in three industrial sectors with high potential for sustainable development, namely the food-processing industries and the supplier industries in the automotive and electrical/electronic sectors. Project activities operate on two levels: first, to stimulate and promote the market for business development services, and second, to establish and facilitate business networks that will further strengthen economic development in the SME sector. Therewith the project addressed the problem that consultancy services for SMEs in Thailand – although often subsidized and therefore free of charge – did not match the demands and needs of companies and enterprises. Commercializing these services and adapting them to the real needs of Thai enterprises therefore constituted the major goal of the project.

Project activities included the establishment of a bilingual internet-based information service in cooperation with TISTR and the provision of direct advisory services to enterprises via company visits, round table meetings and professional seminars conducted by national and international experts. The establishment and promotion of business contacts and sectoral business networks were other core areas of the project’s activities. So, for example, a Public Private Partnership between the German enterprise EEI and the Thai Electrical and Electronic Product Testing Center was arranged. With these measures the BDSN-Project contributed to an enhancement of the services provided to Thai SMEs, therewith strengthening their competitiveness in the national and international market.

The project initially had been planned for a period of 6 years. The second phase, however, was integrated into the new programme “Enhancing the Competitiveness and Eco-Efficiency of SME”.