Small-Scale Industry Promotion Project (SSIPP)

Project duration: January 1997 – December 2003

Project description:

Against the backdrop of economic development disparities between Bangkok and other areas of Thailand, the project aimed at helping redress this imbalance by promoting the development of small-scale industries in the countryside.

To achieve this goal the project’s activities focused on 4 core areas:
(1) Introduction of training courses according to the CEFE-model,
(2) Business Development Services,
(3) network foundation and management, and
(4) organizational development.

Especially the CEFE courses and business development services provided to more than 10,000 potential entrepreneurs contributed greatly to business foundations, business expansion and the improvement of business performance. 79% of the entrepreneurs who took part in training courses or received other services by the project could
improve their economic performance or/and expand their business, while 57% of the participants who joined the seminars on business foundation, set up their own enterprise afterwards. 80% of the participating entrepreneurs attributed these positive effects to the training and services provided by the project. Therewith the SSIPP-Project made an important contribution to addressing urban-rural development imbalances in Thailand and fostering the development of SMEs in selected pilot regions. 

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