Small-Scale Agroindustrial Development Project (SSAID)

Project duration: December 1993 – June 1997

Project description:

The Small-Scale Agroindustrial Development Project (SSAID) aimed at the performance improvement of existing small-scale agro-industries and establishment of new, viable ones in selected rural areas in Thailand, in order to create employment opportunities in rural areas and therewith counteract the imbalanced economic development Thailand experienced at that time. Four provinces (Phitsanoluk, Phichit, Sokhothai, Kamphaengphet) were selected as pilot areas since they – on the one hand – had a good agricultural production and therefore the necessary raw material basis, and on the other hand showed a less developed processing sector.
The project, however, did not reach maturity. Initially planned for a period of 6 years it was merged with the Promotion of Small and Medium-Scale Industry Project into the Small-Scale Industry Promotion Project, SSIPP(PN 1995.2299.6) in 1997. But despite of a long planning period and several shortcomings during project implementation (e.g. lack of clear target group definition as well as proper selection criteria and procedures of the target group) the project has archived some valuable results: An inventory of enterprises in the target area as well as an inventory of service-providing institutions was set up and concepts of raw material supply for processing industries were developed.