Thai-German Credit Project (TG-CP)

Project duration: September 1991 – May 1999

Project description:

The Thai-German Credit project (TG-CP) aimed at expanding the micro loan business within the Government Savings Bank. With the help of the development of new credit products, e.g. shaitong-credits (สินเชื่อไทรทอง), SME-loan and vendor’s loan new income and employment opportunities should be generated. However the project accomplished these goals only to a very limited extent. None of the credit products developed within the framework of the project received the envisaged demand of 50,000 customers each. Only 8,000 shaitong-credits, 3,000 SME-loans and 800 vendor’s loans were requested. Furthermore, frequent change of the GSB-Management impeded continuity and a lack of commitment of the GSB-management to implement the micro loan business resulted in a lack of ownership from the side of the Thai partner.