Institutional Strengthening of the Office of Accelerated Rural Development (ARD)

Project duration: May 1995 – June 2002

Project description:

The Thai Office of Accelerated Rural Development is making fundamental contributions to the improvement of the rural infrastructure in Thailand. The Thai-German technical cooperation project “Advisory Services to the Office of Accelerated Rural Development (ARD)” was designed to effectively promote this endeavor within the Field Operation Center Prachantakham and 9 provinces in East Thailand. To this end, adequate organizational structures and management tools concerning road maintenance management and equipment management were introduced and implemented in the pilot areas aiming at the transfer of relevant experiences to other FOCs via the head office in BKK.
Major activities of the project included the improvement of organizational management and planning structures, the development a disaster control system as integral component of ARD and the optimization of planning and maintenance systems for roads and water supply facilities and testing and implementation of pilot systems in selected provinces.