Advisory Assistance to the Management of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT)

Project duration: February 1987 – August 1992

Project description:

The project “Advisory Assistance to the Management of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT)” was designed to contribute to increasing the efficiency of SRT in the long term.
During the first phase project’s activities focused on the areas of marketing, management information system, traffic costing and accounting, maintenance management (workshops), maintenance of rolling stock, inventory material management and operations management.

Later the components of marketing, operations, workshop and maintenance of rolling stock were continued into phase II, while at the same time activities began to include workscheduling for locomotives, operational safety and counterpart training/information visits.  The management improvement component of the project included corporate planning/business development, contract for services and management training.

Phase III saw the further inclusion of the topics of air brake conversion and product policy and planning into the project’s services. The project achieved valuable results in all its working fields (see impact section below). Of special mention is the fact that on the political level the project definitely contributed to the management of SRT and Government of Thailand recognizing the great national asset which they have with their railway. A rising political awareness of the need for political decisions and strong efforts by all parties concerned to ensure the future role which the railway deserves in the national and regional transport market developed.

At the end of the project all parties involved, were confident that the project became self-sustained and would have a long-lasting effect on SRT’s development in future.