Promotion of Small and Medium-Scale Industries (PSMI)

Project duration: November 1994 – June 1997

Project description:

The “Promotion of Small and Medium-Scale Industries”-Project aimed at the creation and expansion of small enterprises in the North and Northeast of Thailand, in order to contribute to reducing regional, economic and social imbalances prevalent between the rural and urban regions (especially Bangkok) at that time.

To this end the project’s main focus was the further qualification of persons with a sufficient educational and training background and experience in order to enable them to set up and manage their own small enterprises. The project, however did not reach maturity and its initial objective was not achieved. Initially planned for a time frame of 8 years it was merged with the “Small-Scale Agro-industrial Development Project” (PN 1992.2121.9) into the Small-Scale Industry Promotion Project (PN 1995.2299.6) in 1997. In addition to the tasks common to a beginning project the project’s activities concentrated during on networking and the assessment of training needs during the first phase. A survey of potential project areas which combined networking with an assessment of regional development potentials and SME promotional policy deserves special mentioning, since it was most probably within DIP the first comprehensive study of this kind.