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  • Sustainable agriculture is a must because we all have to eat

    Despite the ever-increasing public demand for more environmentally friendly practices in agriculture and no chemical residue on the food we eat, little attention and investment is going into the registration and regulation of bio fertiliser.   ...  More

  • From fruit to juice: From quality to business security

    ASEAN-Germany cooperation sets to support food safety and quality assurance in the South East Asia region and a pilot project in improving fruit juice safety and quality in Thailand is one among the others. Thailand is the world largest exporter of ...  More

  • Fuel economy policy in Thailand moves forward

    FACTS & FIGURES The number of cars on the world’s roads today exceeds one billion and this figure is expected to double by 2040, almost entirely (more than 90%) as a result of motorisation in developing and emerging economies. Of that total, an...  More

  • Enhancing the quality of ASEAN's workforce through better in-company training

    Many ASEAN nations suffer from a lack of skilled workers and this is slowing economic growth as well as the development of industry and society. To tackle this issue, 60 experts from six ASEAN member states, facilitated by GIZ, developed a common sta...  More

  • Bangkok Hackathon to save Southeast Asia’s energy system

    An International Alliance with the Power to Accelerate the Smart Energy Economy in Southeast Asia   An international alliance of partners have launched the Smart Energy Hackathon in Bangkok, Thailand from Sept. 8-10 to accelerate the development...  More