Seminar on Standard Offer Programme (SOP)

Energy efficiency has been an important part of Thailand’s energy policy framework since the approval of the Thailand’s Demand Side Management Master Plan in 1991 and the enactment of the Thailand’s Energy Conservation Promotion Act in 1992. More recently, the approval of a 20-year Energy Efficiency Development Plan (EEDP) in 2011 is the most far-reaching step taken to date by the Thai government to systematically drive energy-efficiency improvements throughout the economy. The EEDP (2011-2030) aims to reduce energy intensity (energy consumption/GDP) by 25% (compared with that in 2010), or equivalent to reduce final energy consumption by nearly one-quarter (23.5%) in 2030. The plan includes not only mandatory measures through the formulation of rules, regulations and standards, but also supportive and promotional measures such as awareness raising and the provision of incentives. sector.

The Standard Offer Program (SOP) will provide funding for energy-efficiency projects based on the amount of energy savings achieved, abnd requires that the savings be measured and verified. The SOP will provide an important and strategic framework for channeling financial and technical assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help them improve their energy efficiency. In order to achieve a common understanding of SOP, and transfer knowledge and experience about international practice on SOP, the TGP-EEDP programme has organised the SOP seminar on 18th June 2013, whcih which brought about 150 participants from different backgrounds including government, international organisations, academia, research institutes, the private sectors and associations as well as press and media. 

The SOP presentation and materials are available as below. 

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  • Mr.Monthon Kumpaengseth
    Senior Project Manager