Interim Results of Energy Data Analysis Phase 2:Energy Efficiency Indicators Development

In order to ensure the achievement in implementing of Energy Efficiency Development Plan (EEDP) and the energy savings target, the Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) and the German International Cooperation (GIZ) are collaborating to develop additional energy efficiency indicators (EEI) to be able to set energy baselines for monitoring and evaluating the implementing energy efficiency measures.

On the basis of discussions about data availability and accessibility, one of the tasks that had been carried out during April-September 2013 in the TGP-EEDP project was to analyze the existing Energy Data in Thailand. The results of the Phase 1 study were discussed in the kick-off meeting held in Feb 2014. As a follow-up of the Energy Data Analysis Phase 1 study, the TGP-EEDP project has initiated a Phase 2 project in order to implement some of the recommendations of Phase 1. Since Phase 1 concluded that there is good energy and economic data availability in Thailand, the main aim of phase 2 is to make a start with developing Energy Efficiency Indicators for the industrial, commercial building and residential building sector as well as the transport sector in Thailand.

On Monday 22 May 2014, TGP-EEDP on behalf of EPPO and GIZ is organizing a seminar on “Interim Results of Energy Data Analysis Phase 2: Energy Efficiency Indicators Development “, with the following objectives:

  • To present a working progress of the phase 2 study;
  • To obtain comments on the working progress;
  • To create awareness of energy efficiency indicators, economic and social data that relate to the development of indicators for the stakeholders.

Documents to be downloaded:

Contact information

  • Mr.Monthon Kumpaengseth
    Senior Project Manager