Learning at AIZ Bangkok

Personal and Social Competencies
Effective Meeting/Workshop Design and Moderation Techniques (SK-WM) 1890 EUR 4-8 June
11-15 June
5-9 November
12-16 November
Effective Workshop Design and Moderation Techniques – Thai language (MA-WN) 1490 EUR 18-22 June
Negotiation Techniques for Successful Cooperation
1260 EUR 25-27 April
10-12 October
Successful Team Management (IL-ST) 2140 EUR 8-12 October
Effective Communication and PR for Development Cooperation (SK-BP) 1450 EUR 4-8 June
Impact Story Writing (SK-EW) 1060 EUR 9-11 May
Intercultural Training: Working in International Context
1540 EUR 5-7 September
Didactic and Methodology
Effective Training Management and Organization
tbc 6-10 August
Training of Trainers (MA-AT) tbc 1-3 August
Technical Sector Competencies
Sustainable Agriculture (MOSA) (KE-MS) 1720 EUR 7-11 May
Organic Agriculture 1890 EUR 9-12 July
Development policy
Transforming our world - for a sustainable development
1210 EUR 27-29 June
29-31 August
Management Competencies
Result-based Management Workshop: How to design and implement project effectively (MP-RB) 1450 EUR 23-27 April   
12-16 November
Project Cycle Management with LogFrame Tool (MP-BL) 2050 EUR 25-29 June  
8-12 October
Monitoring Results and Evaluation (MP-MB) 1660 EUR 4-6 July
Monitoring Results and Evaluation: Advance Training
2150 EUR 9-13 July
15-19 October
Managing for Sustainable Development Goal (MP-BS) 1800 EUR 21-23 May
Capacity Development: Concepts, Processes and Tools (MP-CD) 1740 EUR 6-10 August
Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues: Designing and Orchestrating Processes in National and Local Contexts
1380 EUR 18-20 July
Roles and Competencies in Consulting (MA-RB) 2470 EUR 17-21 September
24-28 September

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