Save more cost by driving more efficiently

Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand work on improving fuel efficiency and road safety with Eco and Defensive Driving.
Freight and logistics is one of the sectors driving economic development in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). Efficiency, environmental performance and safety of goods in the transport sector are important to ensuring growth, welfare, economic competitiveness and a reduction in the environmental and social impacts of the countries. However, the development of the sector is hindered by an ageing freight fleet, with most of the vehicles over 10 years old. They are managed and moved inefficiently; for example, trucks often run empty.  Fuel use is high due to the prevalence of poor driving behaviour and disregard for safe and defensive driving practices. Fuel consumption costs often account for 40-60% of the operating costs. This results in low competitiveness and inefficient use of resources and energy.

To tackle these concerns, the EU-funded project on Green Freight is supporting Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand to improve fuel efficiency and road safety.
Eco and defensive driving training was conducted to increase knowledge and skills of truck drivers as well as to monitor the fuel consumption reduction during the training period. The training course and practical learning took 3 days with 4 days coaching at each participating company in order to provide in-depth consultation and to monitor fuel saving.

During the first training course, local trainers conducted pre-test and post-test On-Road assessments. They found that eco-driving techniques reduced fuel consumption by approximately 10%. This assured the drivers that eco-driving principles will help them improve their driving performance and further enhance their business competitiveness thanks to savings in operational costs.
“When you’re the driver, you’re just an employee of company; your job is to deliver goods from destination A to B, but when you are back home, you’re the son of your parents, the husband of your wife and the father of your child. If you die, the company will find a new driver but your family can’t find a new son, new husband or new father. So whenever you drive, think of your family, drive safely…they’re waiting for you back home.” – Mr. Soranop Banyai, Training and Education Manager of SCG Skill Development Co.,LTD 



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