Prezi Training

Since creating a presentation becomes one of the important parts of working life - to present past activities, ongoing process, result and etcetra, we are using more and more Powerpoint Presentation program. However, even the Bill Gates's descendant is well known and became easy to use already, we as a user, have no need to follow the same path everyday. In this case, we introduce a new presentation program called 'PREZI' - a modern and creative program to make a dynamic and attractive presentation!

To fulfill main partner's interest, the one-day training for Energy Policy and Planning Office's Officers (EPPO) was held on Thursday 16th July 2015 at VIE Hotel, Bangkok by an in-house trainer - Mr.Karun Pantong, TGP-EEDP Energy Engineer who is very skillful in IT. This is also an activity to enhance capacity and broaden out skills for partner regarding to the work package 0 of the project (International Know-how Transfer Information).
The training gained much interest from the partner since there were overwhemingly registeration until the day before the training. As shown in the picture, trainees are very enthusiastic to learn new things which will contrubute their lifes more choices.
Please click here for the agenda (Thai)
The Introduction of Prezi (Prezi presentation in Thai)

Contact information

  • Mr.Karun Pantong
    Energy Engineer
    Tel:+66 2 612 1171   Fax: +66 2 612 1151