SCP-NAMAs training and workshop

The Advancing and Measuring Sustainable Consumption and Production for a Low-Carbon Economy in Middle-Income and Newly Industrialized Countries (Advance SCP) project is conducting a regional workshop on SCP-related Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (SCP NAMAs) on 26-28 April 2017 in Tagaytay, Philippines. The workshop aims to provide knowledge on SCP NAMA concepts, approaches, and methodologies for planning, formulating, and implementing NAMAs.
SCP practitioners and policy experts from the projects’ four implementing countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand) are expected to attend, work on developing a NAMA idea for their respective countries, and draft a concept note on their NAMA idea. Working groups will be divided according to country in order to develop national ideas on following topics:
  1. Identifying NAMA options
  2. Evaluation an dpriorization of NAMA options
  3. Defining stakeholders' roles and responsibilities
  4. Identification of potential financing sources
  5. Concept note development                                           
The first day of the workshop focused on informing the participants of the NAMA basics, key elements of documentation, the NAMA development process, and NAMA design including the process of identification of possible concepts. The second day concentrated on discussing evaluation and prioritization of NAMA options, going deeper into the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, and identifying potential financing sources. Examples of existing NAMA concepts and designs also provided and discussed. At the latter part of the second day, each working group began drafting their SCP NAMA concept notes. The third day was for presentation and discussions, the lists of potentials NAMAs are:
  1. Integrated NAMA for selected household and office appliances (enabling environemnt and capacities for energy efficient and low carbon supply chain)
  2. NAMA on greening the cement industry of Philippines
  3. Capacity Building and Monitoring and Evaluation of Green Public Procurement
  4. Energy Efficiency Building
  5. Government Green Procurement
  6. Smart Building Initiative
  7. Vertical Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management
  8. Green Supply Chian
  9. Energy Performance Certification Scheme (EPC)
The Regional Workshop on SCP-related NAMAs is organized in cooperation with the Department of Trade and Industry, Advance SCP’s main implementing partner in the Philippines.

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