Final Planning Workshop 2016

Project Overview:
Under the Thai-German Programme on Energy Efficiency Development Plan or TGP-EEDP, the GIZ (German International Cooperation Agency) collaborates with the Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) on the implementation of the 20-year Energy Efficiency Development Plan (EEDP, 2011-2030, updated to EEP2015, 2015-2036). The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety with the expectation to contribute to CO2 emission reduction.  Project partners of TGP-EEDP include the Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) and the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO). In addition, the project has Wuppertal Institute, Germany, as an international technical support partner and the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE) as a local research institution to contribute both technical energy baseline and policy recommendation. The TGP-EEDP project has officially started in May 2012 and will run until mid 2016.
The TGP-EEDP is the multi-partner project that aims at promoting the increase of energy efficiency in industry and building sectors by supporting the implementation of the EEDP plan which will have a direct impact on CO2 emission reduction. In order to achieve this ultimate goal, seven core activities of four working components are decided (see details in the attached project’s activity mind-map) in partnership with government authorities, regulator, utilities as well as other energy-related institutions and associations. More importantly, the TGP-EEDP is guided by a steering committee mechanism comprising of representatives from relevant government departments, implementing partners, civil society organisations, private sector and energy efficiency experts. The Committee will provide oversight to the programme and meet formally every year.
Objectives of the final planning workshop of TGP-EEDP project:
The final planning workshop of TGP-EEDP project is scheduled to take place during two days on 28-29 January 2016 with two separate sessions being planned for this event. The first day will be dedicated to the review and preparatory workshop among working groups and key stakeholders on each topic. On the second day, the results of the fist day discussions and workplan for half-year 2016 will be presented - in order to achieve the following objectives.
  • To report and assess the project progress and the achievement of 3-year implementation, identifying these elements in particular:
  • the extent to which project results and indicators are being achieved
  • good practices in term of technical support and knowledge output
  • an area for improvement and suggestions
  • To discuss expected deliverables and come to the mutual agreement on final half-year workplan 2016 (February - June 2016)
  • To explore the continuity strategies and formulate success factors for sustainable uses of the project’s results
Invited organisations:
  • Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), Ministry of Energy
  • Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)
  • Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP)
  • Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)
  • Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
  • Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)
  • Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)
  • Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
  • Thai ESCO Association
  • The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)
  • Relevant representatives from private sector and association
  • Energy Efficiency experts and Climate Finance experts
  • German International Cooperation (GIZ)

Document for download
1. English Agenda
2. Thai Agenda

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