ESCO Training “Dynamic Investment Grade Calculation”

To support the ESCO market development, so far TGP-EEDP had supported an 8-day intensive training for the members of the Thai ESCO Association in July 2014 and had conducted a fact-finding mission for ESCO facilitation approach in June 2014 to assess the feasibility of implementing the facilitator approach which could help overcoming the barriers. The results of the fact-finding mission and seminar indicated that the facilitator approach is seen as a means to systematically address and overcome essential market barriers for the development of ESCO markets in Thailand (BEA’s final mission report, 28 August 2014).
To further support the ESCO market development, TGP-EEDP has contracted a German expert on ESCO market development, Mr. Jan W. Bleyl and Mr. Simon Zellner, to conduct 3-day training on Dynamic Investment Grade Calculation.   
  • Objectives of the training
  1. Enable the participants to perform life/project cycle cost calculations;
  2. Create knowledge on the basics of dynamic economic calculations for complex ESCO projects;
  3. Give detailed introduction to a comprehensive ESCO calculation tool for Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) project;
  4. Enable the participants to calculate and model own EPC project;
  5. Improve the participants’ skills for reporting to management, financing institutions and others.
Document for Download
1. Agenda
2. Introduction
3. K-Energy Saving Guarantee Program
4. Bleyl- Investment-grade Calculation, Analysis & Financing of Energy Projects
5. Revolving Fund
6. ESCO Fund

Contact information

  • Mr. Monthon Kumpaengseth
    Senior Project Manager