Seminar on “Sharing Experiences on Facilitation Approach for ESCO Projects”

One of the seven core activities in the TGP-EEDP project focuses on supporting and enhancing ESCO business, and increasing the utilization of the network of energy service companies or ESCOs. The development of an ESCO market in Thailand has been affected by many market barriers for ESCOs, e.g. lack of information and low understanding of the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) concept, level of energy prices, access to financing and business risk for ESCOs and lack of confidence and trust between clients and ESCOs. One of supporting activities is to introduce ESCO facilitators (e.g. energy consulting companies, energy agencies and utilities) as a mean to help overcoming barriers in the initial project development phase (according to an overview report from The Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy (01/2014)). GIZ organized a seminar to introduce ESCO facilitation last year in June and has been implementing pilot projects and would like to share experiences with the stakeholders.

On 17 November 2015, TGP-EEDP project organised a seminar on “Sharing Experiences on Facilitation Approach for ESCO Projects”, objectives as follows;
    1) To introduce ESCO Facilitation concept;
    2) To share experiences on the pilot projects utilizing ESCO Facilitation;
    3) To plan further steps of work in order to develop ESCO facilitation approach for ESCO projects in Thailand.

In this regards, the project invites many related organizations, for instance;
    - Industry and building proprietors
    - Energy consulting companies
    - Academic institutes
    - Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
    - Government agencies
    - Utilities
    - Trade associations
    - Commercial banks

Document for download
1. TGP-EEDP Introduction
2. Who is ESCO and what is EPC?
3. Roles of the facilitator in supporting of ESCO projects
4. Results of the pilot project A (Team Precision PCL.)
5. Results of the pilot project B (Workpoint Entertainment)
6. Experience sharing of ESCO projects in government buildings
7. Experience sharing of ESCO project
8. Experience sharing of ESCO Facilitation from Germany and other countries

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Contact information

  • Mr. Monthon Kumpaengseth
    Senior Project Manager